Have You Heard? ‘Closer To Nowhere’ – Strangers

Sydney (Australia) band Strangers¬†have just released the video to their track ‘Closer To Nowhere’ and it’s awesome. The Sydney rock & rollers released their debut album Persona Non Grata in 2012 to a (very deserving) great reception. ¬†It’s very rare for a band this young to have an album completely full of great songs.

As with the track Closer To Nowhere, the album walks that perfect line balancing a gritty rock sound and catchy melodies to create something you can’t help but sing a long to.

Closer To Nowhere is actually one of the band’s less ‘balls to the wall’ songs off the album.
The chopped up drums and guitars in the verses are layered with a more subdued melody choice, creating an anticipating tension leading up to the explosive chorus pay-off. This song clearly demonstrating that Strangers really know how to write a song.


Check out the video for the Closer To Nowhere below:


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