Deftones ‘Smile’ from the Unreleased Eros Album

Deftones have unofficially posted up a track called ‘Smile’ from the unreleased 2008 album Eros to remember Chi 1 year on after his death.

** EDIT Warner Bros Music has removed the track from Chinos very own YouTube account, even though it was put up as a tribute. Warner most probably own the rights to the Deftones catalogue, including the unreleased Eros. That’s Record labels for you… 

The band were working on the studio album Eros back in 2008 when bassist Chi Cheng was involved in a serious car accident. The accident left him in a semi-comatose state for four years before passing away in April 2013. The band put Eros on the shelf but stated they intend to release it at some point.

“Chi, We miss you today and everyday,”  Moreno (Deftones frontman) wrote on Twitter.

Check out the song Smile below:


(This video below should work):


RIP Chi Cheng (July 15, 1970 – April 13, 2013).

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