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New Release: Trouble by Of The Kings

Of The Kings release their debut song ‘Trouble’. The Gold Coast act made up of Sean Dalton and Fabio Dos Reis, formed in 2015 as an experiment in exploring new genres and styles. Previously only playing in rock/hard rock bands, the tw o have experimented with more electronics sounds and moody vibes with their debut

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Listening To: Forever the Optimist – Arecibo

Brisbane’s four piece Forever the Optimist have been crafting their debut album Arecibo for almost 2 years now. While this is quite sometime to make a record, the band hasn’t exactly been off the radar during this time.  The accumulated experiences of touring the East Coast of Australia extensively and supporting artists like Sydonia, Helm and Floating Me, has clearly helped shape the

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Deftones ‘Smile’ from the Unreleased Eros Album

Deftones have unofficially posted up a track called ‘Smile’ from the unreleased 2008 album Eros to remember Chi 1 year on after his death.

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Have You Heard? ‘Closer To Nowhere’ – Strangers

Sydney (Australia) band Strangers have just released the video to their track ‘Closer To Nowhere’ and it’s awesome. The Sydney rock & rollers released their debut album Persona Non Grata in 2012 to a (very deserving) great reception.  It’s very rare for a band this young to have an album completely full of great songs.

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Have You Heard? – The Royal Artillery

The Royal Artillery are the dirtiest, loudest heavy blues/stoner band in South East Queensland (Australia).

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Listening to: PALMS (self-titled album)

In case you haven’t heard; PALMS is the collaboration between members of Isis (Jeff Caxide, Aaron Harris and Bryant Clifford Meyer) and the very talented front man of Deftones (Chino Moreno). However, it’s not what you would expect from such a collaboration. To do the record justice, I would recommend that you don’t try pre-empt how

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