One Chance is an independent music based clothing brand established early 2008 in Australia.

About One Chance

The ‘music-infused’ brand is more than just a clothing label. It is heavily immersed in music culture and inspired, created and worn by artists.

The brand unites music, art and lifestyle with a message, belief and philosophy.

This belief is that you only have one chance to make your mark.

One lifetime to create and leave behind something amazing. Something that is bigger than you are. Something to withstand the test of time. One Chance to make a change and affect peoples lives – don’t look back with regrets.

Believe in and pursue your dreams – You may never get another chance.


One Chance strives to be more than just another clothing brand. We want to make a difference in this world.
With every clothing item sold online, we donate $1 (AUD) to the Music For Relief charity organisation. Music for Relief was founded by the band Linkin Park in 2004 after the Indian Ocean tsunami struck South Asia. The organisation involves artists, music industry professionals, and fans working together to create positive change.


One Chance Logo (Black)

The concepts and designs for One Chance have derived from music and inspirational moments.
The new range (out February 2014) pays homage to musicians and music culture through the ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Boombox’ designs.
The ‘Rockstar’ tee design honours the iconic and now rare rockstar personality while the ‘Boombox’ pays homage to the music signifier of the 90’s.

The new One Chance range has been produced in limited numbers and is now exclusively available online. For any questions in relation to stock or range please contact us.

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